All the lovers of leather and leathercraft.

About Us

We are all about Leather. Leather Mio Karanasios is a family business established since 1955, is today taking it a step further and embracing a bigger family. We are proud to continue this legacy as trusted source of quality Italian-Spanish leather and leathercraft.

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Goals & Ethics

Leather Mio strives to help our community of aspiring artists and the General trade of Leathercraft.

We believe in your self-expression because we have seen the beauty of what you can make.

Our hope and desire for you are to achieve your goals and live by your art without fear!

We are here to be the best supplier we can be, so our community can continue to make their next creation, grow their business and pursue their passion.

We operate in an industry build on trust.

Leather Mio is an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone and we remain dedicated to making excellence happen.